An economical and reliable alternative to soldering BGA devices directly to the motherboard, the Advanced® molded BGA Socket Adapter System enables the BGA device to be plugged into a mating socket after soldering to a pinned adapter. Our low insertion force, patented design provides yields that are equivalent to direct attach, with coplanarity consistently better than the industry standard of .006" (0.15mm).


Advanced公司在微间距插座技术有创新性的突破, micro-BGA 插座及转换器的间距为0.50mm、
供了高可靠性的SMT插座。纤巧的设计, 插座仅比器件大2.00mm, 最适合研发测试BGA及LGA
器件, 量产及板与板连接的应用

1.00、1.27mm间距Flip-Top BGA插座

崭新的MOD5系列Flip-Top™ BGA插座的设计是为测试、调试和检验间距为0.5mm的BGA器件。
纤巧的表贴封装设计, 在电路板上无需工具或安装孔, 这可节省空间和降低电路板成本。

0.50间距Mod-5 Flip-Top BGA插座


SMT适配器 - 适用於LGA及BGA器件

Using our exclusive, field-proven eutectic solder ball terminal design, the SMT Adapter from Advanced provides a reliable solution for mounting or socketing LGA or re-worked BGA devices. Use in connection with our BGA Sockets for LGA to BGA conversion or board to board applications.


BGA Device Attach and Solder Ball Re-attach Services are available in our state-of-the-art SMT factory.


New BGA Interposers from Advanced Interconnections are a cost-effective method for converting lead-free BGA device packages for use on boards processed with lower temperature, Tin/Lead solder profiles.