SMT适配器 - 适用於LGA及BGA器件

出产商: Advanced Interconnections
产品类别: BGA插座
系列: SMT适配器 - 适用於LGA及BGA器件
特性: * Compact, low-profile design maximizes PC board space and requires no external
hold-downs. Only 2mm larger than device package.
* Same footprint as BGA device.
* Multi-fingered, high reliability contacts and screw-machined terminals for superior
* Available withoptional extraction slots for easy extraction of large I/O devices.
* RoHS Compliant insulators and terminals are compatible with lead-free
processing - select new lead-free solder ball terminals for SMT applications
产品资料: SMT适配器 - 适用於LGA及BGA器件数据表
1. Device Dimension & Design Your Own Footprint Form
2. Typical Soldering Process Examples - Tin/Lead and Lead-free Generic Reflow Profiles