Relay Sockets and SocketPac® Peel-A-Way插座

生产商: Advanced Interconnections
产品类别: Peel-A-Way插座, 适配器及连接器
系列: Relay Sockets and SocketPac® Peel-A-Way插座
特性: Perfect for any application where hand loading of multiple terminal styles is not practical. Protects power bricks from heat during wave soldering process.

* RoHS Compliant Peel-A-Way® carrier and delivery system allows for complete
soldering visibility on both sides of the PC board
* Lower mass aids in pre-heat profile issues
* Multiple terminal styles on single removable sheets
* Available in thru-hole design with tape seal and solder preform options
* Heavy power socket terminals available
* Available with gold/ gold or matte tin/ gold plating for lead-free compatible

Brass - Copper Alloy (C36000), ASTM-B-16
Solder Preforms: Available in standard Sn/Pb or lead-free Sn/Ag/Cu

黄片: Beryllium Copper - Copper Alloy (C17200), ASTM-B194
插座材料: Polyimide Film
产品资料: Relay Sockets and SocketPac® Peel-A-Way插座数据表
SocketPac® Application Note 2003-01:
Solder Preform Sockets - Intrusive Reflow Application:


Peel-A-Way® RoHS Compliance Test Report: