PCB安装, 工作温度范围内, 不允许基板温度超过100˚C, 符合最大输入电压80VDC: EN50121-3-2:2015及消防和烟雾EN45545-2

Filter modules are created to reduce the common-mode and differential-mode noise on input or output lines of high-frequency switching power supplies, with the industry standard footprint. With just one module, we save the trouble for the customers for meeting the EMI requirements of applications.

系 列 输出电流 (A) 最高输入电压 (V) 最高浪涌电压
FM05D 新品 5 200Vdc DC250
FM10-100 10 DC75 DC100
FM10D新品 10 200Vdc DC250
FM20-100 20 DC75 DC100
FM30R 30 DC80 DC100